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Mobile CT solution for
clinics and practices

Simply rent

CT scanner
in a container

The CT-Cube is a modular, mobile CT unit with treatment room, switch room and patient entrance room. You can rent the CT-Cube for your clinic or practice worldwide and according to your needs. The rental period is flexible – from just two weeks to over a year and longer. Just a few hours after delivery, the computer tomograph can be put into operation via plug and play. All that is needed is an electricity connection. In order to keep the risk of infection as low as during pandemic times possible, are also separate in all three rooms Air conditioning installed.

Upon request, we can manufacture the size, floor plan and equipment of the CT CUBE also individually according to your wishes.

You profit from

  • Ready to use quickly (plug and play)
  • Minimizing contact between patients and staff
  • Generous space of 40 square meters
  • Maintenance costs included in the rental price
  • Flexible rental period
  • Patient-friendly interior design
  • Visually appealing integration into the building landscape
floor plan mobile ct

CTCube models

Data and availability

CT-Cube von MEDSER


Size: 40 square meters
Rooms: operator room, examination room, corridor
CT Scanner: Somatom Emotion 6
Availability: rented, available from September 2022

CT-Cube von MEDSER


Size: 35 square meters
Rooms: operator room, examination room, corridor
CT Scanner: Somatom Emotion 16
Availability: rented, available from February 2023

CT-Cube von MEDSER


Size: 48 square meters
Rooms: operator room, examination room, corridor
CT Scanner: Somatom Definition AS 64
Availability: available

Not quite what you need?
Contact us for our individual solutions!

Why a temporary CT solution?


You are in the process of building or renovating your radiological facility and would like to continue operating.

Device replacement

You are getting a new CT scanner and want to bridge the time between dismantling the old device and putting the new device into operation.


You want to ensure fast and reliable patient care during the increased need for CT scans as a result of the corona pandemic.

Extension of your capacities

You would like to add a device to your radiology department for a longer period of time without having to provide your own premises for it.

You are planning to purchase a CT scanner and would like to test the amount of patient traffic and thus the profitability of the device in advance.

Buy instead of rent

Do you need another CT scanner, but your spatial capacities are fully exhausted? The CT-Cube can also be permanently installed as a log term solution on your clinic or practice premises.

MEDSER mobile ct truck

Covid 19:

Safe patient care guarantee

The CT-Cube is optimally designed for a safe examination process under pandemic conditions: The control room and the patient room are equipped with two separate entrances so that contact between patient and medical staff can be minimized or avoided entirely. In addition, separate air conditioning in the rooms protects staff from viruses from the treatment room. And since the Cube enables Covid-19 patients to be examined outside the clinic building, it also reduces the risk of infection for other patients, staff and visitors.

Do you have any questions about the CT-Cube or want to rent / buy it?

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    About MEDSER

    MEDSER has been a specialist in SIEMENS® CT Scanners for over 20 years and as such is internationally active and recognized. MEDSER supports its customers in diagnostic radiology with expert maintenance and repairs of CT Scanners – often well beyond the support period guaranteed by the manufacturer.